Dr.Muscle™ Duimbrace Triggerfinger Quervain


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Thumb brace for trigger finger, Quervain syndrome or other thumb complaints. This brace from Dr. Muscle™ has been recommended by your physical therapist.



Dr Muscle™ Thumb Brace | thumb splint | trigger finger

Dr.Muscle™ Duimbrace Triggerfinger Quervain. Thumb brace or trigger finger thumb brace ideal for all thumb disorders, fits tightly around the thumb so that the thumb joint remains well stabilized. The metal pin ensures that you have a custom splint. This allows the thumb to move little or not at all, allowing the tendon structures to recover.

When to use a thumb brace:

  • Osteoarthritis thumb base joint
  • Osteoarthritis thumb saddle joint
  • Quervain Syndrome
  • Rheumatic diseases of the thumb joint
  • Overload saddle joint thumb
  • Hair style problem thumb

Thumb brace shape

The splint has a pleasant shape, which gives it both function and stability.

Why buy a Dr. Muscle™ Brace?

Dr.Muscle™ Duimbrace Triggerfinger Quervain. As a physiotherapist I regularly see thumb complaints. Often it is women who eventually get wear and tear in the saddle joint due to overload, or CMC 1 arthrosis or arthritis. The trapezium will wear out and then cause pain. Immobilizing will allow time and rest for the structure to recover so that surgery can be temporarily or completely avoided (Depending on wear and tear)

The brace is shipped to you flat and you can size it yourself. Very useful for thumb complaints because not every thumb complaint is the same!


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