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Dr.Muscle™ Polsbrace and Thumb Brace – Your solution for wrist complaints**

The **Dr.Muscle™ Wrist Brace and Thumb Brace** has been designed, researched and advised by an experienced physiotherapist to effectively deal with pain and complaints in your wrist. The product has been specially designed to be easy to use, of high quality and to serve its intended purpose.

**Indications for wearing the Dr.Muscle™ Wrist Brace and Thumb Brace:**

**- Wrist Osteoarthritis**

**- TFCC Injury**

**- Wrist Dystrophy**

**- Wrist overload**

**- Wrist Ganglion**

**- Wrist tendinopathy**

**- Wrist Rheumatism**

**- Instability of the wrist**

**- Metacarpal Problems**

**- Optimal support for RSI complaints**

**- Sprains, sprains, strains, bruises in the wrist**

**- Complaints where you experience specific pain in the wrist**

**Wrist Brace:**

The **Dr.Muscle™ Polsbrace wrist Brace and Thumb Brace** is used for wrist complaints. This brace can be quickly molded to the structure of your wrist, as not every patient has the same anatomy. Wrist complaints can be complex and it often takes a long time for the pain to decrease after an injury. Immobilizing the joint allows structures to relax and tissue to recover. Often the pain arises from the tendons and ligaments that are between the wrist joint: the radiocarpal joint.


Treating tendons is complex. In practice, it is often recommended to have an ultrasound made of the tendon structures to see if they are thickened and contain fluid. If this is the case, treatment with Shockwave can often be effective. Taping the tendon can be very effective in combination with the **Dr.Muscle™ Wrist Brace and Thumb Brace**.

**Dr.Muscle™ Wrist Brace and Thumb Brace – Common Indications:**

**- Tendon strain:** A fall or a pull on the hand/wrist region can cause pain in the wrist joint. The structures such as ligaments and tendons stretch, leading to persistent complaints.

**- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:** Repetitive use of the forearm muscles causes hypertonicity (shortening) in the forearm muscles. This results in thickening of the tendon in the carpal tunnel, pinching nerves in the forearm. Often the n. medianus the nerve that gets stuck in the tunnel. This can lead to failure of the nerve that innervates the muscles in the thumb at that time. Reducing pressure on the nerve causes pain along the nerve and reduces strength in the thumb muscles.

**How ​​to fit – Dr.Muscle™ Wrist Brace and Thumb Brace:**

This wrist brace is available in different sizes.


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