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Calcium and Magnesium Swedish Nutra

Cal-Mag contains calcium and magnesium that support skeletal and muscle function. Magnesium & Calcium Swedish Nutra. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are important for various functions in the body. The body does not produce all the trace elements itself, so these must be added through the diet. Our Cal-Mag contains ingredients that help maintain a strong skeleton and strong teeth. The skeleton is renewed throughout life, so it is important that we regularly supply the body with calcium to maintain a normal skeleton. 

Why take magnesium and calcium?

Our unique Cal-Mag formula is enriched with calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to support the maintenance of normal teeth, bones and nervous system.

Use magnesium and calcium preparation?

Cal-Mag 500ml provides a 33 day supply covering a daily intake of natural nutrients for muscle and skeletal health, all in just 15ml.


Swedish Nutra products are lab tested and backed by nutritional evidence. Magnesium & Calcium Swedish nutra.  All ingredients are hand-picked and in accordance with EU standards, ensuring a high-quality formula. Swedish Nutra’s CalMag is designed to support: 

• Muscle function 

• Skeletal function 

• Teeth 

• Bones 

• Nervous system


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